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Problem Worth Solving

Technology has the lowest lag rate compared to most other fields.This means that the rate at which new technologies are invented and adopted is very fast.Kenya's urban centers and cities have already started to move and are catching up with the rest of the world.However,there is immense neglect towards promoting innovation and invention in the rural set up.For the whole country to develop,then the playing field much be leveled and equal.

Our Solution

RVIC is planning to take up this challenge, and we are focusing on the next generation and empowering them. The rural set up in Kenya is not moving at the same pace as the rest of the country, and we have a set goal of changing this. We envision a future in which the young generation within Kenya's rural set up will come up with new technology that can be deployed to solve problems faced within those area. Packed with computers and fully equipped with high speed internet, we believe through cooperation and partnerships with other organizations as well as individuals; such a goal is attainable

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