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Socially conscience solutions with value and impact

Problem Worth Solving

Most solutions being developed nowadays lack value proposition and social conscience.For most enterprenuers,the end goal is usual to accumulate wealth and recognition.And the youth who are the driving force behind the country's future economy,have fallen victim to this mindset.The blame cannot be put entirely on them,as their is need for mentorship and guidance on the approach and mindset.

Our Solution

Our entire approach is different.We encourage and implore social enterprises, and infact encourage all cohorts to always think in line of the value proposition and the impact their solutions is going to create. Our mentorship programs and training will ensure that those who pass under RVIC have a completely different mindset from the rest. M-Pesa revolutionized banking and financial inclusion, and that is because of the value it had. We are looking towards mentoring and empowering youths to think in line of the same, VALUE.

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