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Training and empowering the youth to come up with business case for their solution

Problem Worth Solving

Every teen has a great idea,but only few of these ideas ever gets implented.However,even for those that are acted upon,very few become business or enterprises.Although other factors could also be attributed to this,the major challenge is lack of a business case for the inventors;and especially those in Kenyan rural set up.In the long run,the ideas lack value proposition and impact resulting in lack of adoption and opposition by market forces and consequentially closure of business before it is even given a chance.

Our Solution

We will train, empower and provide resources to the applicants who go through our program to ensure that their ideas materialize and become sustainable business in the society. The impact of such is creation of jobs as well as economic growth. Our training and programs are geared towards making applicants understand their market, business case of their solutions and the value proposition it has. A solution with value is easily adopted by the market. We will also have mentorship programs, thus allowing the youths to learn from those that have already done it.

Project Domains

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