Ultra-Modern rural based ICT hub in Kenya

We are the leading technology hub for developing and powering ideas into solutions in the Kenya's rural set up.

Our Philosophy and Foundation

We are driven by the belief that as an innovation hub,we will contribute to Kenya’s potential as a leading ICT hub in the region.Our facility perfectly fits in the Ministry’s agenda highlighted in the ICT master plan.We stand for in-house solution creation and the country's digitization;for it is only through such initiatives that the vision 2030 can be attained.

Who are we?

We are a newly established rural based innovation lab located in Baringo County at the heart of Rift Valley region in Kenya. RVIC is seeking to promote incubation and mentoring of innovative ideas from the youth and other interested individuals from Kenya.Users gain unlimited access to online information resources necessary for development and growth of ideas as well as marketing. It will also promote networking and link users up with peers and other interested individuals to exchange ideas and market their innovations.

What do we do?

RVIC seeks to tap raw ideas and talents touching on all sectors, including information technology, education, health, agriculture, business among other socio-economic endeavours and nurture them into successful world-class business innovations. The thought of establishing RVIC originated from professionals from the local community who wanted to make a contribution to the development of their community and address national challenges of unemployment and poverty.

Ground Breaking

Partnership Formulated

1 Event Organized

First Cohort Application


Our VISION is to power ideas into solutions through world-class innovation space.We have a MISSION of becoming one of the leading innovation centers in Kenya and Africa, where ideas are powered into solutions and start ups through the center’s serene innovation space and eco-system build for optimal private, public and academic collaboration. Vision